Hello, I’m Chelsea

I’m founder of Get Social YEG. I started my business because I love connecting finding the solutions to help businesses meet their growth goals.

My experience as a web development project manager, social media marketer and online marketing specialist has given me the experience to create online marketing campaigns that bring you more website traffic, more leads and more raving customers.

I’ve been an Internet Marketing Specialist for 13+ years and my experience as a digital project manager, content strategist and digital media manager has allowed me to create full, dynamic marketing campaigns that go far beyond social media.

I love designing marketing plans, creating websites and building relationships.

I want you to focus on what you do best as a business owner, and let me worry about planning and managing your online marketing.

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My collaborative team of designers, developers, photographers, videographers and copy writers have allow me to be flexible, creative and strategic.

From our first meeting, to the day we launch your campaign, we continue to focus on your goals and come up with new ways to tell your story.

I understand the struggle many business owners have with online marketing and I want to be your go to source for online marketing and design. My team can help you develop your brand or grow an already established brand.

I’ve dedicated my career to crafting new ways to generate more leads, increase brand awareness and more profits for my clients.




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