7 Things You Should Be Doing On Instagram

We all know that Instagram is the place to be if you're trying to build your brand's community. But did you know there are some best practice activities you should follow when posting on Instagram? 

instagram best practice


Instagram Best Practice

1. Content is (still) King

Keep your visuals appealing and your tell your story. Mix it up, somedays share a video, other times, share a beautiful shot of your product. You want to share the very best you have to offer. Pro Tip:  A great place to share personal content like selfies, behind the scenes, your morning coffee is your IG story. (More to come!)

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2. Be Consistent

Even if you can’t post everyday, post 2-3 times per week is better than nothing. You might find a posting tool like Later or  Sprout Social, can help you plan ahead and stay consistent. 

3. Keep it short and simple

Unfortunately, most people won’t read a long form posts on Instagram. If you do have more to say, encourage users to visit your Facebook to read it in full. (or even better - direct them to your blog article) Encourage people to get involved in the conversation using open ended questions and ask for their feedback. (people love telling their stories, and giving their opinion)

4. Get On The Hashtag Highway

Make sure you include hashtags with every-post. Not sure which to choose - in some cases a general hashtag collection with a focus on location or niche keywords works best. 

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5. Add the location

Are you in cool locations? Make sure you tag them! By adding a location to your post, you allow Instagram to index your post even further! More indexing = more engagement.

6. Post at the best time for your audience

If you imagine your audience as they move through their day, when would they check their phone? Most likely first thing in the morning, around lunch, 2pm, and after 8pm is usually when Instagram is the most active.

7. Engage!!

While Content is King, Engagement is Queen - and she will has a major hand in your success. Make sure you are finding and connecting with accounts that you believe will find value in your content. Pro Tip: if you aren’t sure where people are, check your hashtags! You could find an entire network of people that are also interested in #yourbusiness!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Comment below!