Top 4 Instagram Tips for Businesses!

These are the top 4 questions we get asked about Instagram from business owners. many are looking for the "magic Formula". Unfortunately, there isn't one, and every account is different. With that in mind we've put together 4 EASY Instagram tips you can use to improve your Instagram posting schedule. 

1. How often should I be posting?

Simple. Every day. Seriously - if you are going to post on social media and your goal is to grow your following you need to be consistent.

“Wait - I have to post EVERYDAY? But I don’t know what to post for a couple days a week - let alone all month.”   We have a solution for that!

Download our Welcome Package that includes over 30 days of posting ideas + a calendar to get you started. 

2. Which is the best day to post?

The answer is - it depends.

A great feature Instagram has added to business profiles are insights. These insights are VERY powerful for your business because it shows the days you have the most  interaction on your page. (There will be a whole blog post coming up soon on this feature alone - that’s how awesome I think it is)

So you might be asking - where do I find this?
1. If you go to your IG page - Click the bar graph at the top right
2. Scroll down to the Followers portion and click See More
3. Again scroll down and select Days instead of Hours
4. You’ll find the more active day on your account (For mine it’s Tuesday & Wednesday)
There are lots of stats in this area - it’s great for really drilling down on who your audience really is

3. How many #hashtags should you use to increase engagement from followers?

All stats point to 11. So great! 11 hashtags. But people find the # annoying. So how do you incorporate your hashtags (which are a MUST if you want to be found) without irritating your audience with a # frenzy?

Simple! Don’t include it in the caption of your image. Instead add it as the first comment. This way - the next comment on your picture will instantly hide it from displaying while people scroll through their feed.

4. What is the best time of day to post pictures?

This is a tough questions to answer - really - it depends. There are some that say Wednesday at 5pm.

I don’t agree because:
#1. Why would you only post once a week?
#2. 5pm where? MST, PST, EST - it’s all relative
#3. Who is your fan base? Each will take different times out of their day to look at their social media.

Let your stats answer this question for you. Go to your account insights - which will help you determine the best time to post on a daily basis.

Final Thought
Timing is everything - but so it testing the waters. 

Every account is different because your followers are all different. They have their own motivators, likes, dislikes and lifestyles. That's why I want you to look at your own analytics to give you a sense of what is really going on. You can guess, or think you know - but until you have your stats it's really a guessing game.

What do you think? Have you used your insights yet?

Chelsea Lagos