Your Ultimate Guide to Online Graphics

If you’re going to share content online - you need to include images. 

Whether you want to use stock photos or create custom imagery, these resources will help you. Plus a lot of them are FREE!

These are tools that I personally use for photo editing + stock photography. If you have more - please let me know!

FREE Tools for Creating social media Graphics

One of my favorite tools. If you don’t have photoshop this is a great option.

A hugely popular and simple to use photo editing site.

I use this one almost daily. It’s a bit more difficult to initially figure out - but it’s very powerful.

Is an easy-to-use infographic maker

Font Candy (phone app)

I use this every day. It’s a free app that you can purchase and unlock extra features.


Free Stock Photography - that doesn't SUCK!


  • ( My #1 FAVE)

  • (My Second! )







Final thoughts

Creating images and custom content doesn't require Photoshop and years of design experience. There are lots of options out there, just take your time and try out different platforms until you find the right one for you and your brand. 

What do you use? Have you found any apps that are kick ass? Please share! 
— Chelsea
Chelsea Lagos