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Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction Case Study

Achieving Stellar Organic Growth in Alberta's Fierce Construction Landscape


How Get Social YEG Supercharged Organic Traffic & Conversions for a Leading Design-Build Company in Alberta

In a competitive construction market like Alberta, every bit of online visibility counts. Dive into this case study where we unveil the magic behind the curtain – how Get Social YEG partnered with a top-tier design-build company, harnessing the power of organic search to achieve exponential growth in just two years.

About Our Client

Our client, Southwest and Midwest Design & Construction, is not just another construction firm in Alberta. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, they’ve cemented their prowess in the design-build space, serving a vast spectrum from commercial projects to agricultural endeavours. As their reputation has grown in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, their digital needs also evolved.


The Challenge

In a crowded space with over 35,000 construction entities, standing out on Google isn’t just about aiming for generic keywords. It’s about understanding the nuanced search behaviours of a very specialized target audience – be it architects, engineers, or property managers.


The Problem

While our client’s mastery lies in construction, they realized that mastering the intricate world of digital marketing wasn’t feasible with a small in-house team. To truly shine online, they needed not just a team, but an arsenal of tools, strategies, and experience.


The Solution

Enter Get Social YEG. Our client entrusted us with their ambition – to skyrocket website conversions, reign supreme in local Google searches, and drive organic visitors to their site. We responded with an all-encompassing marketing strategy, deploying sharp SEO tactics, well-calibrated Google ads, and compelling social media campaigns.


The Impact

In roughly 2.5 years, Southwest Design and Construction has undergone significant advancements in its digital marketing strategies. From mid-2022 to late 2023, we have seen progress made in different channels.

Google Analytics 4 - All Channels User Acquisition

The platform saw a substantial volume of visitors through various channels:
Google business media
Organic Search led the way with 329.75% increase from previous period
Direct Traffic increased 321.78%
Referral Traffic saw an increase of 364.72%
Paid Search was increased 560.78%
Organic Social Traffic, mainly from platforms like Instagram and Facebook, saw a 145.38% increase in traffic
These statistics depict SWMW’s multi-pronged approach to digital marketing, leveraging both organic and paid strategies.

Google Analytics 4 - event counts depict Events Overview User engagement, a method of capturing actions taken on the website:

Total Event Count
User Engagement
Conversions Rate
Total Event Count
User Engagement
Conversions Rate

SEO Rankings

SWMW’s SEO strategy is concentrated around geographical terms related to Alberta and construction services.

Social Media Overview

SWMW has a budding presence on social media
Our social media platforms have seen a considerable growth:

  • Likes: 35 (Increase of 16.7%)
  • Audience Engagement: 2,750 (Increase of 17.5%)
  • Reach: 70,500 (Increase of 17.7%)

  • Followers: 1,250 (Increase of 16.7% from the previous report)

  • Followers Growth Rate: 12%
  • Net Followers Growth: 1,525%
  • Clicks Increase: 1,543%
  • Impressions Increase: 1,086%
  • Social Actions Increase: 1,710%

SWMW phone image

Google Ads - Campaigns

  • The Google Ads campaigns saw and a 36% increase in click through.
  • Average CPC (Cost Per Click):
  • Conversion Rate: increase of 13%
  • Conversions: increase of 19%
  • Growth Rate: 67%
  • Impressions: increased by 47%

In Conclusion

Southwest Design and Construction has made substantial strides in their digital marketing efforts over the 2.5 year period. There’s a balanced focus on organic search, paid campaigns, and social media engagement.

With a blend of trust from our client and the dedicated expertise of Get Social YEG, the results were nothing short of construction magic – with foundations laid for even more milestones ahead.

computer with screenshot

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