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How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency in Edmonton

If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to grow your business using digital marketing. Maybe this is your first attempt at getting online, or you’ve been through this before, we hope that this list of questions will help you decide which agency is right for you.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing promotes products and services on search engines, social media platforms and more. It includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising, website development, conversion rate optimization, analytics, and more.

How does digital marketing help your business?

Digital marketing helps businesses by providing them with an effective means of reaching potential customers. This allows companies to reach new audiences without investing large amounts of money into traditional marketing methods.

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What's included in Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services include everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media management. We also offer website design and development, email marketing, and more.

How long does Digital Marketing take?

Before you start to see any real returns from your digital marketing plan, give it around six to twelve months. If you are not optimizing your site (including backlinks, content, and user experience), uploading frequently, or producing high-quality content, it can take longer.

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As we all know, digital marketing has grown in popularity, everyone and their Grama is online, so it’s safe to say, your target market is probably already looking for what you offer.

The key is to partner with the right agency that will be able to connect your audience and provide so much value that your customer can’t help but choose you over your competitor.


In other words, you need a team that will become a part of your company. Today I will share what you to look for as you prepare to hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Edmonton.

4 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Company in Edmonton

Unfortunately, it’s easy to make a website that appears to be a credible company. They can appear professional to the untrained eye, which is why it’s essential to ask about your agencies qualifications and experience running campaigns for clients. While they may be able to market themselves, are they able to sell someone else’s service or product?

Have they worked with a business like yours in the past?

Do they have positive results or case studies to back their work?

Key takeaway – First, look at qualifications & experience. Talk to their past clients and find out the results they have received.

Do they have examples of success in your industry or a similar one? Ask if they can send you a case study or report showing the results they have gotten for a past client.

With so many digital marketing companies in the Edmonton area, it won’t help if the company you’re considering specializes in a niche that has nothing to do with your business or they have no experience in your market.

Our goal is to provide valuable information to your client, so your client is more likely to move forward with confidence in working with you.

Key takeaway – An agency that understands marketing for your industry will save you a lot of time and money because you don’t have to teach them about your industry from scratch.

To know if your marketing is working, you need to understand the KPIs (key performance indicators), and analytics they will use to verify how things are going. Ask to see an example report and determine if it provides the information you will need.

So what is important to track?

  • Start from the end goal for your website.
  • Is it more traffic to your site?
  • To gain new email subscribers?
  • Maybe you want more calls?

With clearly defined goals, you can better understand what data is essential and what’s fluff. (For most of our clients we want to see the traffic to the website, the number of forms and calls received, as well as engagement on social media etc.)

Key takeaway: Make sure you’re familiar with the metrics and make sure they’re in line with your goals.

Digital marketing can work for most businesses; however, creating a solid plan that will accomplish your goals is number one. There is no one perfect way to get results with online marketing, and if a strategy doesn’t build up your website and business long-term, don’t waste your hard-earned cash on it. Choosing an agency with a proven track record to help build your online presence.

Key takeaway – Only use a company that can explain what they’re doing and avoid any agencies whose methods are questionable.


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