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PPC Edmonton

If you’re looking for a much-needed boost to your organization, PPC is a great choice. A well- structured and thought-out PPC campaign can increase your website traffic, conversions, and revenue without a hitch.



How our Edmonton PPC services can help your business?

Our targeted PPC campaigns help our clients appear in the top search engine instantly. It enables advertisers to bid on ad space, appearing as sponsored links in Google’s search engine. 

Targeted Keywords

When someone searches for relevant keywords that match your campaign, your PPC ad will show on the search engine page.

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Targeted Users

The users that land on your website through PPC ads, tend to convert into client more often because they are actively looking for your product or service.

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We have a team of skilled and talented PPC professionals.

They can tailor a unique PPC campaign for our clients based on their target audience, business needs, and goals.

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Upfront Google Management Pricing

Ad Management
Ad Management

Facebook & Google Ad Management Pricing

Ad spend Budget/ Monthly Fee

$1000 - $1999........... $750
$2000 - $3500........... $1000
$3501 - $5000........... $1500
$5001 - $7500........... $2000
$7501 - $10000........... $2250
$10000 - $15000..........$2500
$15000+........... 17% of ad spend

What is PPC?

PPC stands for PAY PER CLICK.

It is a popular internet marketing model where advertisers pay whenever users click one of their ads. As the name suggests, you pay for the number of clicks on your ad. PPC is a method to attract you target audience to visit your site.

PPC campaigns are a great option to reach the maximum target audience at the right time. i.e.when your target audience is all set to convert. In simple terms, every time an ad is clicked, a visitor will land on your website, and you have to pay a specific amount for this.


We're on a Mission to
Change Your Pay-Per-Click Experience

A successful PPC campaign can boost your business through targeted advertising. It helps you to generate more website traffic, leads and revenue. Many successful brands go from start-up to profitable by utilizing targeted PPC campaigns.

Take your marketing to the next level with our Edmonton PPC services. 

Targeted Campaign

By running a targeted PPC campaign with Get Social YEG, you can appear in the search results instantly.

Motivated Prospects

By attracting new, motivated prospects to your website you increase your chances of converting them. 

Profitable ROI

With our PPC services, you can easily track the profitability of the PPC campaign. 

It is like a supercharging your brand’s marketing to another level.

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Our PPC services

Are a revenue driver

Help Your Business Grow Faster

Our targeted PPC campaigns can help your business to thrive faster.

Targeted PPC Advertising

Target your ideal search phrases and get found at the top of Google’s

Secure more business opportunities

Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost

Generate revenues while being able to control costs

Take Your Website to Next
Level Right Now!