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Facebook Marketing

With Facebook being one of the most commonly used social media websites, it is no surprise that many businesses choose to promote their products or services there. There are many potential customers who are Facebook users, and we can assist you with developing a Facebook marketing strategy that aims to attract people to your business.

How It Works
What you need to consider

To effectively market your products or services on Facebook, we take many important factors into consideration.


New Booking/Form Submissions Ads Cost per lead Online conversion rates Lead conversion rates

Click thru rate

Measure how often your site is clicked on when found on search pages.

Brand awareness

How people are hearing about your brand on social media and search engines. Number of social media posts and fans Brand Mentions Branded Searches

Direct traffic:

Visitors that visit your site by typing your URL into their browser, or through an undefined channel.

Referral traffic

Visitors that visit your site by clicking on a URL on another website.

Organic Search traffic

Visitors that discover your website by entering searching a keyword in a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and that click on your listing.

Campaign traffic:

Visitors that visit your website through a dedicated campaign or clicking on a link with certain tracking parameters.

Referral traffic

The Referral Traffic metric allows your team to monitor how much of their traffic is through referrals, and where the bulk of these referrals are coming from.

Returning visitors

How effective is your website at building an audience? (this one is more industry dependant)

Small business marketing tip

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is when we develop your Facebook page for your business. We will post and update the content on its page on your behalf. This includes written posts, videos, and links to external sources relevant to your company.

Once we establish your business page, we will use Facebook’s Business Manager, which makes it possible to create advertisements that can also be posted to Instagram.

By using the Business Manager we have the ability to assign tasks to specific employees and allow them access to different areas, while keeping your account secure.

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    Benefits of Facebook Marketing

     We can support you with the maintenance of your business’s Facebook page and related accounts and ensure that engaging content is posted on a regular basis. 

    It's affordable

    and allows us the ability to reach many people without spending a lot of money.

    Increase Brand Awareness

    Having your business shared on a regular basis could produce more customers and generate greater revenue.


    Not only does Facebook contain many regular users, but information on the website can be effortlessly shared among members, making it easy for your business to be shared if people find it appealing.

    Awesome Results

    We have seen great successes with everyone companies.

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