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What would you do with the time you’d save if you didn’t have to manage your social media account?

We help businesses grow their brand awareness, increase website traffic and get more leads through Social Media Marketing.

Social media is constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve mastered a platform the algorithm changes. Trends are flying at you left and right - trying to stay in the loop feels like an uphill battle.

Social Media marketing is what our team does. We brainstorm, test and analyze the results. Once we find the solution, we try something else and the cycle begins again.

We want you to know that it doesn’t matter if you are an established brand or a new business - there are options to get you started in the right direction.


Top 4 reasons why you NEED to start social media marketing:

  • Social Media is where your clients spend their time. Social media can NOT be ignored! A study done by Media Technology Monitor  showed 22.7 million Canadian use social media with two-thirds of Canadian social media users use their accounts everyday! (source)

  • See more return on investment! Social media is a piece of your success puzzle. It needs to be treated with the same respect as every other part of your business. Traditional marketing doesn't work as well as it once did. Why? Because people have been bombarded for so long with print, banner, and billboard ads, they’ve become numb to them. But Social Media is different. It allows you to grow a strong following of customers who relate to your brand. This community of super fans will go to your store, website and events - translating into more sales.

  • Get brand exposure to thousands of potential new leads every month. This has to be built into your strategy. What a powerful marketing tool. A place that if you engage with your audience, get to know them organically and introduce yourself and your brand to thousands, if not tens of thousands of new people every month. Social media is one of the few ways to get your brand/products in front of many people, far and wide, without you having to spend a ton of money, while avoiding the hard sales pitch.

  • Convert leads to sales even faster than before! Social media allows your audience of potential customers to get to know you. Over time that eventually trust. Trust is ultimately what turns a fan (blind lead) into a SUPER fan (hot lead, ready to buy). If you aren’t spending time online you are missing out on so many opportunities.

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