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Top Canadian Outdoor Instagrammers That You Need To Follow

Top Canadian Outdoors Instagrammers

Instagram has allowed us to discover entire new hobbies that we would have never came across in your everyday life. (Well in my slightly sheltered, city girl, Glamper live anyway). It’s has become a resource for the latest DIY and How Too’s in every niche imaginable.  From cooking to car repair, Beauty and fitness.

But there is another group of very passionate Canadian Outdoors Instagrammers. They share their inspiring stories from nature. What I love the most is that they are showing the beauty in my own backyard. There’s something about seeing your special place, your home, captured by someone with the “eye”. Each tell a slightly different story, but each is important.

I’ve described each in three words.


Top Canadian Outdoor Instagrammers That Inspire ALL the LOVE.

Below I’ve shared my list of accounts that I think you should follow. They are storytellers, videographers, journalists, explorers, travellers, environmental lovers.

Hard to imagine snow piled up as high as the cabin floor. @mikewiegeleheli

A post shared by Nathaniel Atakora Martin (@nathanielatakora) on

Three Words: Water, Blue, Mountains

A post shared by Lets Go Outdoors (@letsgo.outdoors) on

Three Words: Alberta, Grizzlies, Storyteller

Three Words: Landscapes, Adventure, Sand

Three Words: Mountains, Stars, Waterfalls

Three Words: Homes On Top Of The World (I cheated, I know)

Note to self, remember to always pack a hammock. Photo by @jguzmannn #stayandwander

A post shared by Stay & Wander (@stayandwander) on

Three Words: Successful Creative Collective

Rio… how do you really feel about it when Baya gives me kisses? 😆

A post shared by Elena Pressprich (@findmeoutside) on

Three Words: Puppies, Camping, Elevate

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦 Happy exploring!

A post shared by Whistler based Photographer (@justajeskova) on

Three Words: Blue, Caves, Ice

Three Words: Pups, Kitties, Toronto

I haven’t listed them in any order, because I think they each stand on their own. If you don’t follow them – you’d be cooler if you did.

What do you think? Do you have any accounts you would like to add to the list? Comment below or head over to my Instagram and let me know! 

Thanks for stopping in! Want to stay in the know? Sign up for my newsletter, say hello over at Instagram, and hey – want to connect professionally? Head over LinkedIn and send me a note. I love connecting!



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