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Have you ever struggled with posting to social media for your business? You see other pages that seem to have it down. They have a great variety of pictures/posts/topics that engage their followers, meanwhile you’re trying to come up with the “right” kind of image.

Do you post a meme? An inspirational quote? Maybe a picture of your dog…  It happens to all of us. You know you need to up your social media game but you’re not sure what to post in order to gain the engagement.

That is exactly why I’ve come up with Get Social in 30 Days. A basic 6 week posting calendar – 5 posts per week.

For each post I have included idea’s that you can implement easily – perhaps using a stock photo from Create a new graphic using your branding fonts and colours. (Hint * There will be a future post about branding your social media)


  1. Inspirational Quote – a great way to find the “right” quote is google – search “inspirational quotes for [insert your topic, industry, topic of interest]

  2. Introduce yourself – Personal Picture of you, don’t forget to include a bit of a back story in your caption.

  3. Quick Tip – is there something you can offer your audience about your industry? For example -a hair stylist – can do a quick video on how to get the perfect ponytail, or a sushi restaurant can comment on how delicious it is to add wasabi to their soya sauce. People love getting the the inside scoop.

  4. Behind the scenes (office, shot of workspace)- show your audience where you are, your environment. Let them feel like they’re part of your squad.

  5. End of week celebration – Hello Friday! Get creative, use the boomerang camera option on IG and record yourself doing the happy dance, whatever makes you feel excited will make your audience excited.


  1. Freebie printable download – This take a little planning but can be very successful! Some ideas include: Coupon code, recipes, shopping lists, beauty product must haves, how to guides… The list is endless.

  2. Short video – Video is the way social media is going. So take a chance, do a quick video showing your business in action. A restaurant could show their kitchen, the hustle and bustle, an esthetician could show eyebrow waxing (strangely satisfying)

  3. Long post story / blog article – Pick a topic and write something! It could be your take on where your industry is going, your opinion on a current event – anything really.

  4. Answer an FAQ – we all get them, so why not answer one through social media? A video or a picture whatever works for your page – just make sure you add the answer in the caption.

  5. Ask a question – What do you do on your off time? What’s your favorite product out of the product line? You know you want to know – so ask your audience!


  1. Offer a discount or promotion – EASIEST WAY TO GET ENGAGEMENT! Plus there’s a financial gain by offering your audience an EXCLUSIVE offer. I’ve received DM’s (Direct messages) thanking me for following their page and offering me an IG offer for 10% off.

  2. Share a valuable tip – similar to the quick tip. Maybe you want to share some etiquette in your industry that saves an audience member some embarrassment later.

  3. Email list building opt in offer – so you want your audience to sign up for your newsletter? Cool – but what’s in it for them? Maybe a discount code, a how to guide, the sky’s the limit.

  4. Support others – repost and tag them! Is there a business that you love? Let your audience know! Repost one of their pictures, tag them in it and explain why you L-O-V-E them!

  5. Share your blog post – so you’ve written a blog post? AWESOME! Let’s get some readers! Change your bio link to the new blog post (More about that on my 3 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram blog post)


  1. Where in the world are you? You might be surprised to learn your page has reached much further than your local city.

  2. Follow me on… pinterest, facebook, instagram – Cross promote other social profiles! (p.s. You could follow me on Pinterest, Facebook + Instagram! )

  3. Share a great book – I know I have my favourites, and I’m constantly looking for more! So take a picture of your favourite and let them know why you fell in love!

  4. Promote your offer – remember that offer you shared last week? Well – repost about it. (Use a different image!)

  5. Behind the scenes peek – Like I said earlier – people LOVE seeing where others work, perhaps they’ve never been behind the counter at a cafe, or seen anyone edit a wedding video – show them. Let them experience your life for a moment.

Week 5

  1. Thank your fans – Your fans support your business, so make sure you share the love.

  2. Share a resource – Is there a great app you’ve been using? Awesome – share it with your audience. They will appreciate it and you become an expert.

  3. Share your brand values – You probably have them written down somewhere – so share them. If you don’t – what a great time to sit down and think about them.

  4. Your logo and backstory to how you came to it – Was it a long process? Did you get inspiration from nature? Tell them the story.

  5. Show your products – a great product shot will sell itself. Don’t have a product? No prob! Share a story about how you successfully helped a client! (hint* Maybe tag their business in your post)

Week 6

  1. Mini lesson or how to – Why is Buzzfeed food so popular? Because they share short videos on how to make the best grilled cheese sandwich. So why not do the same? (Not your grilled cheese – but you get the point)

  2. Promote your email list – let them know what they get by signing up.

  3. Fun personal fact – I learned how to tie a tie from you tube and broke my pinky during a food fight.

  4. Tag a resource and tell them why you love it – App, website, business – whatever!

  5. Reveal your hobby/passion – I have a love of going to the gym, funky nails, a love mugs with funny sayings and note books.

BONUS – An extra week of posting ideas!

  1. Testimonial – Let your clients have their say – people are more likely to purchase your product/service when you have great reviews from past clients.

  2. Share a bit of your story – why did you start? What are your goal? Let your audience know!

  3. Discuss trending news, topic, hashtag and ask for their opinion – you may be surprised by what you get.

  4. Profile super fan – tag them, share a bit about them – tell them you L-O-V-E them.

  5. Share a free resource (checklist / tip sheet) – people love free resources!

Final Thoughts

The point of social media is to engage your audience, so take what I’ve written above and mix it up! Show your personality and truth and you WILL gain  followers + engagement. Let them all become members of your squad – Super Fans!

If you feel overwhelmed and think you need some help – remember Get Social YEG offers posting and social management so contact us and we can help you get started!

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“I would love to get your feedback. Let me know if you’ve started implementing this strategy, if  you’ve found success or even if you haven’t.”

— Chelsea

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