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A new year always brings a time of reflection, both personal & professional. What are some of the things that you can do better this year? Maybe this is the year to bring your business to the next level by hiring a marketing company.

We can certainly help you get your business moving on the right foot this year. One of the questions you may find yourself asking is whether to tackle marketing on your own, hiring a friend with some marketing ideas, or to involve a professional agency in your budgeting and planning.

If you are on the fence, here are a few reasons why you need a marketing agency this year:


Marketing is harder than it looks. Sifting through the analytics, budgets, research, and campaigns takes a lot of time and thorough, data-based recommendations.

Doing this yourself is possible, but many business find this aspect of running their online marketing extremely time-consuming and leaving little time to perform the rest of the activities needed to have a successful business. Keep in mind that to take on any marketing initiatives that will perform and drive results, you will absolutely need to dedicate more than a couple of hours a week to ensure proper performance throughout a campaign.  Marketing professionals will dedicate their time to driving more business to your door, leaving you with more profits and increased exposure.


Even if you are ready to dedicate your time to analyzing your Google Analytics, tweaking content, and scheduling posts for social media, marketing is still a science. Professionals know and understand what each metric means, and will be able to make solid recommendations to you based on previous and ongoing results. Through data and research, professionals also will have a deep understanding of what your audience values, your competition, and gaps within the market that can provide new opportunities for marketing initiatives.Based on the dynamic nature of the digital industry and marketing as a whole, you will need to continually be adapting and evolving your efforts to stay on top of your competition.By working with a professional agency, you will have solid recommendations for the continued activities to drive traffic and increased conversion rates to your business.


Algorithms are constantly changing and adapting. Unless you are fully involved in the digital marketing industry, it can be extremely intimidating and time-consuming to make modifications on necessary aspects to stay on top. Professionals know and understand trends, but more importantly, they can decipher which trends are applicable to your business and audience.

“Your first message to a new follower or someone you follow should NEVER EVER be a pitch. EVER.”

— Chelsea L.

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