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How Social Media and SEO Work Together (Plus, We Wrote A Piece For The ECC!)


Another month, another post from the Get Social YEG team! Grab a beverage and let’s gather round the proverbial water cooler to dive into the latest happenings at our agency.

Last month, we sat down and reflected on just how far we’ve come within our small-yet-mighty Edmonton SEO agency. We’ve refined our processes, announced our BBB membership, hired new team members, and continue to connect with our amazing clients (and new ones too!).

Now, we’re going to discuss how Social Media and SEO work together – but moreover, we’re going to discuss how this concept made it into a blog for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce! Think of the pieces like sisters – but not twins.

Writing for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Having recently become members of the ECC, our founder, Chelsea, took part in a chamber networking event a few months ago.

See, when you first sign on to become a member of the ECC, you meet with the chamber team and then you’re able to take part in really valuable networking events. One of our contacts from the ECC called Chelsea after the event and said that after mentioning her and the Get Social team to his communications team member, they decided they wanted us to do a guest blog. Exciting!

We knew that not only would this be an awesome opportunity for us, but that this would be an amazing piece of content for the ECC. They can repurpose the piece into Reels, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts.

What’s more, they’re featuring it on their monthly Newsletter – so this piece of content will be very Meta (if you will). The subject matter is about having your content work for you and it will fulfil its purpose as a versatile piece of content.

Mind. Blown!

The relationship between SEO and Social Media explained

We know that Search Engine Optimization works to organically increase a website’s content (mainly website copy and blogs) in search engine results based on using keywords related to that website’s business – and what their target audience is searching for.

The ultimate goal of SEO? Brand awareness, brand credibility, and conversion.

Social Media has a different function. It’s a way to directly connect with your current and future customers with contests, fun infographics, valuable and shareable posts, and ensures that your followers see that you’re publishing content on your website – and getting them to click over to it.

Social Media won’t directly influence your site’s ranking in the search results, but SEO and Social Media absolutely hold hands. The more active you are with publishing blog content and repurposing that content on Social Media to promote it – the more your brand name spreads.

How to repurpose content for Social Media

Recycling or repurposing content is an easy method to bridge that gap between the content on your website and blog and the content on your social channels.

It also reinforces brand consistency, which further instills trust. If your brand voice is the same across all your channels, it shows that you care about your content and that you know what you’re doing!

We know the benefits of an active social media account, but how can we leverage web content? What does that even mean? It’s simple.

Blog posts will have a lot of written content; punchy paragraphs, quotable sentences, and snazzy headlines. These are easily extracted to your social media captions and graphics.

Here is our simple recipe for repurposing web content for Social Media:

  • Using the headline as your social media caption or within a graphic. You can refine it and make it more natural to read as a social media caption. 
  • Creating a question around what the content is. Take the blog post you’re working with and step outside of it for a moment – what’s a ‘natural next step’ query or a ‘why is that?’ sort of question that one of your ideal customers would have about it? Your content is the answer. 
  • Pulling a direct quote from the content. Do you have a powerful paragraph or sentence that you’re proud of? Put a set of quotation marks around it, post it on your socials as a graphic or caption, and let it continue to make an impact. 

You can use these tips to promote new blog posts or create new, fresh content around what is written in the blog post. Use Google Sheets or Excel to organize weekly social media captions and scheduling – and to keep track of the web posts you’re repurposing.

All of your Social Media posts should have a clear ‘call to action’ (also referred to as a CTA). A clear CTA makes the user journey a little easier. We like CTAs like: ‘check out the link in our bio’ or ‘read XYX here: link’. 

When you run a business, scheduling is key – and content is king. You’ll want to have enough content loaded up for about 2 to 4 posts per week. These can be smatterings of recycled content as indicated above and ad-hoc content, contests, and promotions. Use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule and post worry-free!

Build your brand with Get Social YEG!

Want to read the piece we wrote for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce? It lives on their blog here!

We know that it can be overwhelming to not only write compelling, useful content that your customer base wants to read – but to create Social Media assets around it. 

That’s where the Get Social YEG team comes in! We help our clients organically grow their online presence by combining the power of social media with a robust content strategy with highly relevant keywords and topics.  

We love to chat – reach out to our team today! 

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