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Get Social YEG: Mid-year Updates

Happy August to our friends, family, and clients! 

We say this is a mid-year update, but it’s really a 75-percent-of-the-year-update – because, if you think about it, Halloween beckons, and Christmas is only about four months away. 

As we enjoy our air conditioners before that prairie winter hits – we’re taking some time to reflect on just how much our little Edmonton SEO agency has grown. 

We’ve honed in on our internal processes to ensure seamless operations, hired some amazing new team members, and have a lot of super-fun stuff on the go. Let’s dive in!

We’re BBB accredited!

We’re so proud to officially say that the Better Business Bureau has accredited us with a sterling A+ rating. 

For those needing a refresher, the BBB is a non-profit organization that helps consumers connect with businesses they can trust. An accredited business through the BBB is aligned with the mission and vision the BBB upholds and operates with the utmost integrity. 

If you’d like to see our fancy new badge on our BBB profile, head over here!

This is huge for us. We place significant value on the experience our clients have with us and the level of trust they place in us to spearhead their SEO and social media efforts. It’s an ever-fluid industry, and it’s our pleasure to stay on top of the game to ensure our clients can worry about the day-to-day of their businesses while we take care of producing great content. 

Plus, the BBB has an awesome referral program, and we’d love to help get you started on your accreditation journey! As a bonus, being accredited and being able to link back to your BBB profile is a big win from a technical SEO standpoint. Get in touch here!

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

We’ve also been graciously invited to share some of our expertise on the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce resource page, the Chamber Blog. This is still in the works, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement within the coming weeks!

Our team got (much) bigger.

Without our phenomenal team, we couldn’t have achieved the growth we’ve experienced within the last 12 months. Let’s shine the spotlight on our team members:

Anna – Anna is responsible for graphic design and makes your stuff look good!

Anna is Get Social YEG’s Graphic Designer. She uses her unique creative eye to create engaging graphics and videos for everything from email campaigns to social media. 

Anna holds a Communications Management degree but fell in love with Graphic Design and decided to transform her passion into her career. 

She is an ENFJ but views herself as more of an introverted extrovert. Anna enjoys playing video games or drawing illustrations in her spare time. 

Anna’s pro tip? Designing every day can sometimes run the risk of draining that creative juice, but some Gatorade, a little chocolate, and some smooth R&B tunes can always help bring her projects to the finish line.

Joevel – Joevel is in charge of SEO. He helps your site show up on Google Search.

Joevel Patalinghug has been working for Get Social YEG as the lead SEO specialist. His duties involve keyword research, website audits, link-building efforts, and on-page optimization.

When Joel was in college, he was interested in computer electronics and web surfing. When he learned about the field of Search Engine Optimization, he knew this was where his professional future would take him.

In his spare time, Joevel enjoys riding his motorcycle, enjoying the countryside scenery with his friends, or taking road trips with his wife, kids, and dog Olie.

Carlo – Carlo is our King of Content Distribution.

After receiving his BS in Psychology in college, he discovered his fascination with people. “I’ve always wanted to understand why people behave as they do. I’m an extrovert, and I love meeting new people.”

During his spare time, Carlo enjoys playing basketball every week and badminton from time to time. 

Ronnie – He is our King of Backlinks.

He helps your site show up where potential customers are looking. 

Katie – Katie is Get Social YEG’s Content Manager.

She writes the stuff you see on your blog and in your emails. 

Her primary focus is writing all our clients’ emails, newsletters, and blog content. She also manages nearly all of the content strategy for our clients and has been in this field for about two and a half years. 

Before working in Content Management, Katie worked in the commercial insurance field – but quickly realized her growing passion for copywriting, strategy, and marketing was pulling her career in a different direction, so she struck out on her own. 

Katie is a proud INTJ and lives up to the architectural nature of this personality type each day. You can catch Katie recording her podcast in her spare time, gobbling up a new book, and hitting the beach. Katie is a proud East Coaster and lives in New Brunswick with her partner Jon, cats Walter and Pepper, and her pug Pogo. 

Shawn Dalmer – In charge of the team and getting sh!t done!

Shawn manages and provides leadership for the team at Get Social YEG. 

With over two decades of experience running his own construction business, he has a unique perspective on working with commercial and industrial clients. 

His keen eye for detail and efficient organization, scheduling, and communication skills ensure that projects run smoothly, on time, and within budget. 

Chelsea – The captain of the ship and master planner.

Chelsea started her career in the web design industry in 2007 as an online content specialist, where she developed her skills working with some of Edmonton’s top businesses. 

Over the years, she’s honed her fabulous skills in developing powerful sales funnels and effective SEO content strategies that both Google and your customers will love. This is how she’s helped so many Edmonton businesses grow. 

She loves watching cake decorating videos on TikTok and listening to 90s music in her spare time.

Nathalia – Nathalia is in charge of project management and keeps everything (and everyone!) organized. 

Nathalia is the Project Coordinator at Get Social YEG. She helps organize and communicate the specific details of the project to team members and carries out daily tasks to keep the project on track.

Nathalia studied Retail Management at BUCH in KL and was exposed to the business industry, mingled with industry experts, and was mentored by business owners. She quickly learned how to anticipate, analyze and provide solutions to problems, which makes her easy to work around.

Nathalia loves to unwind at the beach. She enjoys being in nature, disconnecting from electronics, and, most importantly, appreciating life.

Jessica – Jessica is in charge of social media. She tells your story and makes you look good.

She helps connect you with customers through social media.

Zag – web developer

Zag is responsible for developing and troubleshooting issues on our client’s website. He loves watching web designs turned into functional responsive websites.

Aside from being a Web Developer, he loves graphic design and describes himself as a left-brained and sometimes a right-brained person who can wear either hat interchangeably.

Outside work, he is a part of his local community and helps organize local initiatives.

Get started with Get Social YEG!

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the growth we’ve seen in our business this year. It’s not just month-over-month reports and bottom lines – it’s the team we’ve cultivated and the opportunities we’ve gotten along the way. We feel privileged to work with our extraordinary clients – and we’re just getting started. 

Want to learn more about what we do? In a nutshell, we’re an SEO agency in Edmonton. We help our clients organically grow their online presence using the power of social media and a highly targeted content strategy.
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