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How SEO Saves Your Business Money

How SEO Saves Your Business Money

Happy Fall, y’all! It’s your favourite Edmonton SEO service provider – or superhero, whichever shoe fits!

Another year is almost behind us – which we honestly can’t believe or comprehend. 

Gnawing anxiety over the passage of time notwithstanding, we’re excited to get into another in-depth discussion about all things SEO. 

We’re here to educate, get you thinking, and maybe crack a bad joke or two along the way. Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and let’s get into it!

Last month’s recap:

In September, we dove into how social media and SEO work together and announced our recent post on the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce blog – of a similar topic. We thought: why not make the two blogs very ‘meta’ and have them cover the same topic, but not be identical. Check out the ECC piece here!

In both missives, we covered how social media and SEO influence each other and discussed how business owners can re-use content that lives on their website for their social media accounts. 

We talked about actionable ways to do this, like taking a punchy sentence and converting it into a social media caption or taking a few headlines to incorporate into a gif or short video.

Breathing life into SEO-focused content that already exists makes life a little easier and keeps branding consistent. It also ties into what we’re talking about in this piece, which is how leveraging SEO saves your business money – and how it can reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (the combined total cost of each lead that converts into a customer within a marketing campaign)

SEO vs. PPC – Which is more cost effective?

*Record scratch* 

First, before we get into how SEO can save you money, let’s talk about two key players in your customer cost per acquisition – SEO and PPC. We’ll cover a little about what these two marketing mediums are and how they can boost your revenue. 

PPC (or paid ads via Google, Facebook, or Pinterest) are pretty versatile, and if they’re carefully crafted and strategically targeted to your ideal consumer, they can bring in leads or close sales easily. You’re not just throwing words at a wall to see what sticks, and you only pay for what you ‘use’ – or the clicks your ads get. Plus, you can set a limit to your monthly Ad spend – so you won’t be getting any surprise bills. 

If we’re talking honestly, some businesses exist in a more competitive landscape than others. Construction, law services, and dental care are prime examples. The more competitive your relevant search terms are, the harder it will be to see meaningful results and the higher your cost per click will be – although, if you have the budget, you’ve got a good chance of getting there. 

If you’ve got a limited marketing budget, it might be worth focusing on organic search until your budget increases – because SEO in conjunction with Ads can be a powerful combination. 

Longevity and brand development

SEO will generally take longer than Ads in terms of SERP rankings, but it’s a great way to establish long-term, sustainable brand authority that lasts even if you take a break from creating SEO-focused content – unlike Ads, which are removed if you pause your efforts. 

With this in mind, SEO can be a really powerful strategy for up-and-coming brands looking to solidify themselves as key players in their industry. 

Efficacy, testing, and ROI considerations:

PPC requires close monitoring and A/B testing to ensure you’re ranking for your desired keywords and that you aren’t ranking for irrelevant keywords – but once you get it right, you should start to see results. 

SEO doesn’t require such stringent testing, but keyword knowledge and implementation is still pretty critical, and true-blue success in SEO may take awhile to take hold if you aren’t quite nailing those search terms. 

Content, as always, is king. 

SEO services will also come with relevant batches of content that you can, as covered above, repurpose again and again on other marketing channels like email marketing, social media, podcasts, and more. 

In terms of efficacy and cost-effectiveness, it’s all about the strategy and your goals. Both mediums require keen keyword research and robust understanding of your target customer avatar. 

If you’re after immediate results, PPC is your game. If you’re after long term brand development and aren’t concerned with immediate conversions, SEO is the tool for you!

For our purposes, we’re going to focus on SEO for today – but it’s important to drive home the fact that both Ads and SEO can play a powerful role in lowering your cost per acquisition when done correctly. 

How SEO saves your business money

Higher search engine visibility can equal higher ROI

This one is simple: The higher up your brand is on Google’s search results, the more likely it is that users looking for your product or services will convert. 

As discussed, SEO efforts are long-lasting, so even if you pause content production for a bit – your efforts will still generate results. 

SEO is easy to leverage across platforms

As we’ve covered, good SEO services in Edmonton will come with web and blog content that you own. 

You can repurpose and refresh this content as much as possible – Reels, TikToks, Podcast episodes, social media posts, stories, and Newsletters are all prime ways to reuse blog content. 

This can save you money and time – and that’s mission critical for business owners!

SEO Services and Cost Per Acquisition

SEO can play a key part in the cost per acquisition (CPA) of each customer. 

Your CPA is essentially the combined total cost of each lead that converts into a customer within a marketing campaign. Tracking each customer’s CPA, no matter what strategies you’re using, is a critical way for businesses to determine how much each customer is costing them in advertising. 

Optimising your CPA with SEO:

Let’s take a quick look at how investing in a quality SEO service in Edmonton can improve your cost per acquisition:

  • Engaging, keyword-rich content: A reputable SEO agency that places value on content that converts, educates, and provides value is a prime way to optimise your cost per acquisition. For example, a clearly written and engaging blog post is much more likely to result in a sale than a poorly written, confusing one. 
  • A strong website: A technically sound, mobile-friendly website that clearly communicates how your business adds value to your target consumer is more likely to convert than a website with sluggish mobile loading times. 
  • Clear lead magnets: Encourage users to subscribe to your Newsletter list by creating clear and valuable lead magnets. Identify what users will get when they sign up (think whitepapers, checklists, an exclusive blog post, or a promotional code), and be sure your email marketing software is set up to deliver what your prospect signed up for. 

Operating expenses, labour costs, and overall business goals also factor into your business’s cost per acquisition – and it ultimately depends on how much you can afford to spend on each customer. Strategy is key!

How we measure CPA:

  • Identify which search terms are converting the most
  • Conversions from organic traffic
  • Conversions from specific pages on your website
  • Data from encouraging customers to identify how they found your business, usually through mandatory dropdowns or through surveys.

Build your business with Get Social YEG!

If you’ve read all the above and feel a little sweaty and overwhelmed – that’s totally normal. It’s great to understand the why behind it all, but the execution can be a big task!

That’s where the Get Social YEG team comes in! We help our clients organically grow their online presence by combining the power of social media with a robust content strategy with highly relevant keywords and topics – all with the ultimate goal of reducing cost per acquisition and boosting revenue.  
We love to chat – reach out to our team today!

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