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How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

how to Create a Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

Our Steps For Building A Social Media Strategy

Have you ever wondered how people spend a substantial portion of their online time scrolling through social media? Or why so many individuals turn to social platforms for product research? The impact of social media on our digital lives is undeniable. If you’ve ever searched for something on TikTok instead of Google, you’ve likely experienced the surprising relevance of the results.

In the realm of digital marketing, social media and SEO go hand in hand. These two strategies complement each other, contributing to brand awareness, credibility, and conversion efforts.

Here at our Edmonton-based social media marketing agency, we specialize in harnessing the power of social media to help your business achieve its objectives. Interested in our process? Let’s dive into the first chapter, where we lay the foundation for a compelling social media strategy.

Step #1: Understand your brand and vision

Before we create anything, we start with a kickoff meeting. We want to understand what makes your brand tick and your specific social media marketing goals. During this meeting, we’ll discuss things like your target audience, the types of content that will be created and shared, and any specific metrics that will be used to measure the success of both paid and organic social media campaigns. 

Our discovery meeting also lays the groundwork for our partnership – we want to get to know you! Plus, you’ll meet your dedicated Brand Manager and Strategist, the individual responsible for organizing your campaigns, providing ongoing support, and managing your project through our preferred project management tool, Asana.

It all starts with the right message.

The first step to building any marketing plan is figuring out who you are and what you do for your customers. This is where we begin developing your messaging strategy. In other words, we’ll figure out the message that attracts more customers that want to work with you.

What to consider when building your social media strategy:

Who is your Ideal Customer? Where do they spend time online? What is the problem you solve? What are they looking for on social media? 

The content and offers we create will be designed to do two things:

1. Maintain the relationship you already have.

2. Turn strangers into fans and customers.

Most people think you can just make a bunch of posts and the clients will start rolling in.

We can promise you it won’t. To scale and grow your business, we need to use the content and offers to direct customers back to your website with a call to action.

Get your copy of “How To Finding Your Ideal Client”

Step #2: Focus on social media channels that work for you

Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest… where do you even start? This is why our team takes the time to understand your business, industry, and goals, so we can help define the best channels that’ll work for your business.

For example, is Facebook still an excellent option for small brick-and-mortar stores and nonprofits?  Would their ideal customer spend their time on LinkedIn? 

We all hear that TikTok is wildly popular and continues to grow, with the 35 – 55-year-old crowd flocking to the platform. Should you?

If you are in the health and wellness, beauty, travel, or fitness industry, Instagram may still be a go-to, but brands that want to plan for the future should start considering TikTok. 

Have a look at your Google Analytics. Have you noticed any traffic from these sources? 

Step #3: Make it personal

According to Hubspot, 27 percent of respondents to a recent survey said creating engaging content is their number one challenge. As experts in social media marketing in Edmonton, we know what it takes to engage local audiences.

Part of our approach is capturing your business on-site with professional photos, videos, and stories. By creating real content with real people in local places, we help followers form a strong emotional connection to your brand.

Using the offers and content plan in step one, it’s time to put the plan into action. A batch content session is a great way to create content that’s authentic and also value-adding.

We recommend using a content creation shot list. This list should include the post topic, concept for the video, inspiration references and any script or shots that need to be taken. 

Step #4: Develop a content calendar

With the platforms nailed down and the professional content created, we get to work. Our writers, designers, photographers, and videographers work together to develop timely, engaging content that converts.

Once we’ve filled out your content calendar, we will send it to you for final approval. Nothing gets published without your explicit go-ahead. After all, this is your brand; we want to ensure we’ve nailed the messaging.

Step # 5: Ongoing management and thoughtful engagement

Beyond the actual content creation, one of the most time-consuming tasks related to social media marketing is ongoing audience engagement.

There always needs to be a helpful person on the other end of the app, adding that human engagement element.

This is often the last thing on your list as a small business owner, which is why we step in. Our team is responsible for connecting with new accounts, leaving thoughtful comments on their posts and stories and responding to comments.

Step #6: Review, assess, and pivot

In our opinion, marketing is only as effective as the data demonstrates. You’ll never know if your social media marketing is increasing your audience or conversions without the hard numbers. 

We schedule regular sit-downs to review your current social media data. We work together to determine what approach is working, what needs a change, and how we can grow your following further. 

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