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What’s an engagement rate, and how do I calculate it?

Today I want to dive a little deeper into your engagement. I get asked all the time – what does engagement mean? Do you mean when I’m interacting with people, or does it mean when someone is engaging with me?

In this case, we are calculating when users are engaging with you.

What’s an engagement rate?

The engagement rate is used to measure an accounts’ level of interaction with content created by the brand.

“The engagement rate provides a more accurate representation of content performance than merely looking at absolute measures such as likes, shares, and comments.”

— Chelsea L.

How do you calculate your engagement rate?

Start by using posts four through ten.

To measure engagement accurately, you want to know an account’s current engagement, not its historical one. That’s why you calculate the average number of likes on an account’s posts four through ten.

These are the posts that generally give you the best indication of its current engagement during the past week or two.

To calculate, you add the number of saves, shares, website link clicks, likes, and comments in posts four through ten and divide that number by your number of followers times 100.

I watch the reach, % of accounts that weren’t following, and where the traffic came from. (Hashtags versus homepage)

Which metrics matter?

When you’re reading your data here’s what I look for:

  • Save, Shares & Link clicks – this indicates the content has connected with the audience.

  • From Hashtags – Indicates how good our hashtags are

  • Reach – means we are connecting with new people

  • % weren’t following – because this means we are getting in front of NEW audiences

If you’re still unsure how to calculate your engagement, I’ve created a free, downloadable engagement rate calculator to help you understand how your content and account are doing.

I’d love to hear from you – Were you surprised by your engagement rate? Was it better or worse than you thought?

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